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As a modern research-intensive institution where students receive an academically rigorous education with real world experience, 我们希望与商业伙伴建立合作关系, government, 文化及专业机构.

Our approach is unique and focuses on building solutions that meet our partners needs. 通过整合研究之外的资源, to engage with our academics, students, and partners, the Faculty is changing how our global community benefits from university engagement. We are committed to growing links with industry by building enduring, 有影响力的商业合作, government, 文化及专业机构.

The 科学与工程学院 at Macquarie University is located next to the high-technology corridor of Sydney's north-west, home to 麦考瑞园创新区 and many innovative companies. This places the Faculty in a unique position to partner in a collaborative approach to teaching, learning and research.

The Outreach and Engagement team aspire to build impactful and lasting connections that increase participation and awareness of our ideas that will generate investment and understanding of futures in science and engineering.

Our aims:

  • to create opportunities for our community to learn about who we are and what we do in FSE, and our team culture is a key component in helping us to achieve that mission.
  • We are passionate about building a culture of encouragement and participation, breaking down barriers and promoting engagement in Science and Engineering, 最终帮助人们实现他们的目标.
  • 我们的目标是确保我们的工作透明,以建立信任, with inclusivity and social responsibility at the heart of our programs. We will commit to ongoing continuous improvement through reflection, feedback and evaluation.
Engage with us via: fse.outreach@oldgloryradio.com
  • BASF
  • Cochlear
  • Datacom
  • EMC
  • Honeywell
  • Huawei
  • NMI
  • Optus

The benefit of these partnerships for our students is that it provides them with real career opportunities and the chance to learn from companies working in the field. Through our industry partnerships, our students benefit from:

  • scholarships
  • work experience
  • 学术成就奖励
  • internships
  • 行业OD体育注册登录代表的客座讲座
  • strategic advice by our industry partners in the development of our programs such as integrating the latest industry practices.

我们的研究人员经常与公司合作, industry groups, 机构与政府部门签订合同, grants or partnerships. There are various ways for industry to engage our researchers such as via:

  • 专家意见的简单合同
  • 评估或合作研究项目或合同.
  • 开发定制的研究项目
  • access to opinions and current experience from world-renowned researchers
  • opportunity to access our research network by connecting to other researchers, 组织和思想领袖
  • 在项目基础上获得设备和技能
  • 专业研究服务.

The 科学与工程学院 is home to over half of the University’s 卓越研究中心. Research Centres elsewhere in the University can be found under our five research priorities.

To find out more about our industry partnerships and business development opportunities contact Mark Berlage研究伙伴关系经理.

As a modern research-intensive institution that provides students with an academically rigorous education and real world experience to enhance their degree, 我们致力于与商业伙伴建立伙伴关系, governmental, 文化及专业机构.


One example of this commitment is through the Faculty’s involvement in the Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) Initiative.

PACE is a key component of the University’s strategic direction, emphasising the University’s commitment to excellence in research, learning and teaching, and community engagement. It is aimed at connecting students with partner organisations and providing Macquarie students the chance to contribute their academic learning, enthusiasm and fresh perspective to the professional workplace.

To find out more about our PACE program please contact the 科学与工程学院 PACE Team: pace.science@oldgloryradio.com

The 科学与工程学院 regularly hosts Industry events including seminars, which provide insights into emerging developments across all of our areas of study. For example, this includes developments in ICT and Internet technologies that will power the next wave of Internet products and services.

Through the 科学与工程学院’s Education program and the PACE Initiative, business and community organisations are invited to engage with the Faculty through programs aimed at enriching the educational experience and opportunity for students at Macquarie University. Further, 这种参与是为了帮助当地, regional and international partners build their capacity to meet their mission and purpose.

Contact Grant Hose, Associate Dean Industry and Corporate Engagement for the 科学与工程学院.

我们的一些学校在社交媒体上也有社区. Reach out and say hi!

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Macquarie University through multiple initiatives in its Faculty of Science of Engineering has a clear ambition to become the University of Choice for Women in Science and Engineering.

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